Boutique Hotel Internet Marketing

Boutique hotel internet marketing has dramatically changed this past few years. Never has there been a better time to get a tremendous amount of exposure, website traffic, leads, and new customers from the worldwide web, though. The opportunity to be the number one establishment in your local area is there for the taking. Here are some things to do immediately when it comes to marketing your hotel or resort online.

Use Social Networking

Facebook and Twitter come to mind as the major social networking front-runners. Facebook itself boast over 600 million users at present. Talk about a massive lead generation powerhouse! You can meet targeted people locally or related to a specific industry on social networking websites, building trust and credibility fast.

Facebook, and most other networks, now have an ads section similar to Google AdWords where you can get mass exposure in no time at all. Knowing how to harness this medium can give your hotel / resort all the growth you want.

Get Online Reviews

Google Places, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and CitySearch are a few places you can start. Hold contests and incentives for your current and past customers to get them to provide feedback. People trust other people’s reviews so you can use this to your advantage when it comes to hotel internet marketing. is prime example. Most often when you go there, you read the reviews before ever purchasing a book. Why? Reason being, you want to get unbiased user feedback to make an educated decision.

Create and Distribute Videos

Video is a very powerful medium to connect with any brand and get a sense of the establishment before ever being there. Customers want to see the place live before ever setting foot in your resort or boutique hotel.

If you have knowledge of search engine optimization and internet marketing, you’ll be able to rank the videos on the first page of Google for high-traffic search terms, too. Then, you can sit-back as they work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Start a Blog

A blog is your home-base online and can be a good place to bring the traffic to from your other lead generation campaigns. WordPress is the best platform to use and make sure the blog gets installed directly on your website. Never use a sub-domain.

It’s important to post regularly on the blog and know how to optimize each post for Google and other search engines. This can be a great traffic generator once your blog establishes a bit of authority. This boutique hotel marketing strategy is like a snowball that can turn into an avalanche eventually.

Aggressive boutique hotel internet marketing is necessary for those companies wanting to grow quickly in today’s time. It’s the easiest and most effective way to stand out from all of the other chain and corporate hotels. Having a seasoned hotel marketing consultant by your side to implement these campaigns can fast-track your growth, too.

Chic Baby Gifts: How to Order Wholesale Boutique Baby Clothes

So much planning and preparation goes into opening a store or website to retail chic baby gifts. What steps need to be taken to complete the actual ordering process? Here are some industry tips to aid you in ordering wholesale boutique baby clothes.

Website Registry

Manufacturers will not publish product pricing on their websites. Costs are intended for retailers’ eyes-only. The reason for this boils down to dollars and cents. A profit margin must be possible between manufacturer and retailer as well as between you and the end consumer, enabling everyone to stay in business! Website registry is the simplest way to gather information about products.

Just submit your email address, or send a message to the company’s sales department through their website to initiate the process. A faxed copy of your business license and federal tax identification number will be required to verify you are indeed a retailer. If you are interested in carrying the products in your store after receiving a mailed catalog or viewing a virtual one, you will either be assigned an in-house company sales representative, or an independent rep group to complete your order.

Rep Groups

Independent representation groups act as a middle person for a number of companies within the same industry. In this case, chic baby gifts fall under two trade umbrellas: gift and baby. Efficient rep groups will be educated and fully capable of assisting you with your registration and purchase. Staying in contact with the manufacturer is their job, so they will continue to follow up and benefit you long after your first transaction, often just to see how well you are doing.

Sales and marketing tips are at your disposal, especially if you start out a little rocky. A rep group in your area will be assigned to you. They will travel to your store to speak with you in person, or they may have a group showroom nearby that you can visit. Viewing any showroom in your industry opens up the possibility of finding other merchandise from which you can profit.

Trade Shows

Attending trade shows is an excellent way to get a full scope of what is hot in your industry. Trade shows can last anywhere from one to four days, occurring year round all over the globe. Companies register and purchase booth space to exhibit, and you pay a small admission fee to shop. The outcome is face-to-face consultations with the people who know the product inside and out. After all, it is their company!

Manufacturers also regularly offer show specials and discounts to attendees during exhibition days. Trade shows are also a notable way to network with other retailers in your industry. Meeting people and exchanging contact information is not only enjoyable; you also gain knowledge about other retailers’ wholesale boutique baby clothes inventory with a similar customer base.

Florence: An Inspiring Destination for an MFL Educational Visit

Ancient streets paved with history, and lined with stylish shops flaunting the latest cutting-edge chic: Florence is a delight for any visitor, and has just the right mix of old-world magic and cosmopolitan modernity to keep students inspired. For an educational visit, Florence, with its fascinating political and artistic heritage, will appeal to trip organisers from many curriculum subjects, not least MFL teachers. Where better for students to push the limits of their Italian language skills (and understanding of Italian society) than this culturally rich and vibrant city? Here are just some of the ways that Florence can provide a first-class MFL learning experience.


Your students will have learned basic shopping and currency vocabulary – perhaps they have role-played conversations in the classroom – and an educational visit to Florence offers the chance to consolidate these skills. Florence is justifiably famous for its shopping opportunities, which range from high-end fashion boutiques, to old-style stationers selling quills and leather-bound notebooks, to the sprawling Mercato Centrale San Lorenzo with its cheeses, cured meats, olives, and other Tuscan treats. Encouraging your students to try as many different types of shopping experiences as possible can boost their language confidence. They will build up a layered knowledge of how commerce forms part of the life of a modern Italian city.


One of Florence’s most enduringly popular attractions is The Uffizi gallery. It is home to artworks by many of Europe’s greatest masters: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Titan and more. Touring the gallery on an educational visit provides students a chance to practise talking about art in Italian, and offers wider curriculum links for students of Art or Art History. Another popular attraction in the city is the Fountain of Neptune, outside the Palazzo Vecchio. Sculptor Bartolomeo Ammannati was commissioned by the Medici family to create this imposing artwork – making it an ideal place to discuss the interplay of art and politics in Italian history. The Palazzo itself also presents an excellent starting point for conversations about history and politics of the region.


Some are drawn to the art and architecture, others to the scenery, others still to the shopping – but one of the most consistent reasons visitors love Italy is the food! On an educational visit, however, food is more than nourishment: it can be a great learning opportunity for students. From its top restaurants to its caf├ęs and gelato stalls, Florence is one of the finest places to enjoy Italian cuisine, and reading the menus and ordering in Italian will help students to put their vocabulary into practice. For a truly immersive experience, trip leaders can encourage their groups to keep the dinner table conversation strictly Italian; so whether they are comparing notes on the day, looking ahead to tomorrow or simply chatting, they will be cementing their position as accomplished speakers of Italian.